So the story goes...

The story of us starts in early 2011 when we were both hired to help build a small company named Facebook. Greg encouraged  his new desk-neighbor to embrace the standing desk lifestyle. Around Valentine's Day, The Wall Street Journal did an article interviewing Greg and some other employees about standing versus sitting.  Even in this early stage of our relationship, the universe was nudging us closer.
---> Here is the first known picture of us together which ran in the WSJ (note the heart placed on the wall between us... also,THIS WAS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED IN)...

Friendship blossoms

<- (earliest pic of us hugging: F8 Conference, 2011)
Casual conversations went from the crazy pace of the fastest growing company in tech to more personal things. Coffee walks, picnic table hangouts, and lunches morphed into relationship advice, buying new cars, and things like shoes. Greg left Facebook to work at Pinterest and Kristen soon did the same. Most of our friends and colleagues saw our relationship happening before we did and hey, that's probably why you're reading this now. :)

We can't wait to see you!



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